Torque Limiters

The Rexnord are industry leaders in overload protection, with proven reliability, expertise and a wide range of options available. Rexnord's Autogard products are manufactured to meet ISO 9001 standards and are ideal for most light to applications from light to heavy-duty. 

Rexnord 400 Series Autograd Torque Limiter      Rexnord 820 Series Autogard Torque Limiter

Acting like a mechanical “fuse”, the Autogard Torque limiter works to protect the weakest member of the drive train. Rexnord's torque limiters offer bi-directional protection and improve the accuracy of torque limitation, while increasing the life-span at high speeds. 

Built to last

- Optimised for all speeds, both high and low
- Features disengagement protection, protecting the product from damage  
- Prevents downtime with accurate torque limitation