Agri Disc Hub

Agri Hub  Agri Hub

The ISB Agri Hub offers a virtually maintenance-free, unitized, sealed bearing unit with vital advantages for both end users and original equipment manufacturers. 

Greased and sealed for life, the ISB Agri Hub reduces grease usage and the potential for grease spillage. Due to its high stiffness, the risk for disc tilt is minimized and machine reliability is further improved. 


  • Anti contamination cap for disc replacement 
  • High performance sealing to prevent water, snow, mud, dust ingress 
  • Anti string system flange shape 
  • High capacity bearing with rigid design to withstand stock loads 
  • Anti straw, dust and stones labyrinth 
  • Plating corrosion resistant to jet cleaning and fertilizers  

OEM Benefits 

  • Cut warranty, engineering, testing and assembly costs 
  • Increase product quality/reliability 
  • Differentiate designs 
  • Support sustainability efforts 

End-user Benefits

  • Increase bearing unit service life 
  • Reduce maintenance and ownership costs 
  • Install or replace quickly and easily 
  • Improve productivity 

ISB Agri Hub

ISB Agri Hub



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