Electric Motor Bearings

Chain & Drives stock ISB® Electrical Motors Standard bearings which have been carefully manufactured and individually selected for assembly on Electric Motors and other applications where low noise & vibration is of paramount importance.

The production of these bearings is constantly monitored and checked only by companies who have full certification with System Quality UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. This ensures that, thanks to their knowledge and their use of bearings for special applications.

The technical staff of these companies are able to solve any difficulties customers may have arising from the need of bearings for special applications
Inner and outer rings, balls and cages are made from a special type of high quality chrome steel in full accordance with ISO and SAE 52100 requirements. (See below the technical specifications)
Ball bearings for “low-noise” applications are pre-lubricated with special lubricants purposely designed to reduce friction and heat, to limit noise, to protect from contamination thus reducing maintenance costs for the end user.

It is possible to use different lubricants depending application conditions. 

Greases used in ISB® Electrical Motors Standard bearings are as follows: 

Kyodo Yushi Multemp, Kyodo Yushi Raremax Super N and Shell Alvania 2.

Electric Motor Bearings


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