Robotic & Automation Bearings

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The bearings used in robotic applications must be high precision with good rotational accuracy and reliability. Where robots need to work in extreme or controlled environments, it needs the robotic bearings to be with specialist lubricants for high-temperature use, food or beverage production, clean rooms or vacuum environment.

Robotic bearings are mainly used in industrial robots, which include thin-section bearings, cross roller bearings, harmonic reducer bearing and joint bearing. Among the above, bearings with cross roller are the most common used. 

Below is the standard types of robotic bearings in various structures:

Robotic Bearing

Harmonic Reducer Bearing

TBB Bearing

  • Advantages: compact structure, high accuracy, high bearing force, large reduction ratio, less return difference, small volume, light weight and so on.
  • Application: 4 axis robots, 5 axis robots, 6 axis robots, marine industries, aviation industries, etc.
  • Types: Harmonic reducer bearing can be divided into Rigid bearing and Flexible bearing. Rigid bearing includes 4 series: CSG(CSF) series, CSD series, SHG(SHF) series, SHD series, they are named after the reducer names; Flexible bearing is HYR series

RV Reducer Bearing

TBB Bearing

Most of RV reducer bearings use non-standard size, it is mainly divided into main bearing and crankshaft bearing.

  • Main bearing includes thin-wall angular contact ball bearing, thin-wall tapered roller bearing;
  • Crankshaft bearing includes thin-wall tapered roller bearing, needle and cage assembly

Crossed Roller Bearing

TBB Bearing

  • Application: joints and swivelling units of industrial robots, swivelling tables of machining centers, rotary units of manipulators, medical equipment, measuring instruments and IC manufacturing machines.
  • Features: 1) High precision: up to P4, P2, 2) High rigidity: This series bearings all with preload, 3) High load capacity, 4) Small size: with small size cab save space for machines 
  • Types: include RB series, RE series, RU series, RA/RA-C series, SX series, XU series, CRBH series, CRB series, CRBC series, etc.

Thin-Section Bearing

TBB Bearing

Thin-section bearings are designed to save space, decrease the overall weight, dramatically reduce friction, and provide excellent running accuracy. The special features of the thin section bearings enable customers to downsize their design and cut manufacturing costs without sacrificing bearing performance or life.

  • Application: Robotics, aviation, aerospace, machine tools, semiconductor processing equipment and medical equipment

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