Why use a Chain Drive System?

  • Long LifeChain drive systems and in particular roller chain systems have a very long service life because the chain load is distributed over several sprocket teeth, keeping bearing pressures down in comparison to the power being transmitted.
  • SurvivalWhen chains are made, parts are constructed from heat treated and quality controlled material, ensuring an ability to withstand shock loads and rough conditions.
  • AdaptabilityWith a chain drive there is no need for specific lengths, replacement or adjustment of pulleys. Chains can be adapted to fit any installation transmitting a range of powers. Chain drives can also be driven from a single shaft to several other shafts. They can also engage on both sides of the sprocket allowing drive components to run in an opposite direction.
  • EfficiencyChains transmit power with a high efficiency throughout the life of a drive system. Because the loads are evenly distributed throughout drive, there are no separating forces, bearing pressures or radial loads to waste power. Because of this bearing and frame sizes for the supports could be smaller, allowing for cost savings throughout the system.
  • MaintenanceChain installation is very simple, only requiring alignment of sprockets on a drive. Most times this can easily be achieved using hand tools. Chains are also relatively easy to maintain, having the ability to either connect or disconnect without drive disassembly. Chains can also be shortened or lengthened with ease using additional links.
  • PrecisionRoller chains are manufactured with precise technology. Due to the nature of manufacture, chains undergo rigouress testing to prove strength and life. Close control of roller diameters and other critical dimensions contribute to chains having a long life operating quietly yet very efficiently.



  • Conveyor Chain, Attachment Conveyor Chain & Specialised Conveyor Chain

    Chain & Drives supply the complete range of AS, BS and European standard conveyor chains, attachment conveyor chain and specialised conveyor chain.

  • Chain Attachments & Links

    Chain & Drives supply the complete rage of chain attachments and links. Links to suit ANSI series chain, BS series chain and conveyor chains.

  • D.I.D Chain

    Chain & Drives stock the complete range of D.I.D Chain products.

  • FB Chain Wear Gauge

    Chain & Drives is extremely pleased to announce its appointment as the West Australian distributor of the FB Chain Wear Gauge with stock now available.

  • GB ANSI & BS Chain - Agricultural Chain

    Our BS range includes 05B 1/4", 06B 3/8", 08B 1/2", 10B 5/8", 12B 3/4", 16B 1", 20B 1-1/4" 24B 1-1/2" 28B 1-3/4", 32B 2" & 40B 2-1/2" pitches. Chain stocked in simplex, duplex, triplex and quadruplex.

  • IWIS Chain

    Owing to their excellent wear resistance and uniformity, matchless precision and a significantly higher tensile and fatigue strength than the norm, IWIS roller chains enjoy an above-average service life.

  • Kana Ag-Guard Chain

    Chain & Drives are proud to announce our new line of 'Ag-Guard' Agricultural Chain. Partnered with KANA, a leading supplier of power transmission products and trusted name of farmers worldwide, Chain & Drives are now at the forefront of Agricultural chain technologies.

  • Leaf Chain

    Leaf Chain is the most simple of steel chains, consisting only of link plates and pins. This chain has greater tensile strength than roller chains and runs over sheaves rather than sprockets.

  • Senqcia (Hitachi) Chain

    Chain & Drives supplies Hitachi chain and sprockets suitable for the hire and earthmoving industry.

  • Track Chain & Components

    Chain & Drives offers a wide range of alternative Undercarriage products to suit major equipment manufactures and track chain installations used for shuttle conveyors and apron feeders on sites across Australia.