Motorcycle Chain

Chain and Drives supply the new range of DID Motorcycle Chain including O-Ring and X-Ring chain varieties.

DID Motorcycle Chain

D.I.D Application Charts & Specification

The application chart is our suggested guidelines for motorcycle category and D.I.D chain model's engine c.c. rating. Please consult your local dealer or owner's manual to get your specific motorcycle model's chain requirement. * If your motorcycle came with an O-Ring chain as original equipment, it must be replaced with an O-Ring or X-Ring® chain of equivalent or greater strength.



X-Ring Roller Chain

X-Ring chain gives you great sealing and durability but now with very low friction (compared to O-Ring Chain).

DID Motorcycle Chain .    DID Motorcycle Chain

Now with a X shape instead of O shape ring, when pressed between the chain plates, it no longer has a flattened O ring shape but instead has two smaller faces touching wither plate in an x shape. This gives our customers the same great sealing and druability but now with very low friction.

DID Motorcycle ChainDID Motorcycle Chain  DID Motorcycle Chain

DID Motorcycle Chain


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DID Motorcycle Chain

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