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Senqcia (Hitachi) Chain

The Senqcia (Hitachi) Chain range is manufactured in Japan and is the ultimate in premium quality roller and conveyor chains. The standard range offers features and benefits not available in some of the other leading brands available in Australia.


  • Double Capacity Chain

    Senqcia (Hitachi) Double Capacity Chains consist of twice the number of side plates as a single strand chain, therefore its working load is close to standard double strand chain.

  • Drill Chain

    Chain & Drives supply Senqcia (Hitachi) NEO-SBR Prime Series heavy duty drill rig pull down chain.

  • Environmental Chain

    As the distributor for Senqcia (Hitachi) Environmental Products, Chain & Drives offers a wide variety of products and components for use in standard wastewater treatment facility scraper equipment

  • Equipment Drive Chain

    Chain & Drives supplies Senqcia (Hitachi) and GB chain and sprockets suitable for the hire and earthmoving industry.

  • Freedom Series Chain

    Chain and Drives supply the Senqcia (Hitachi) Freedom Series Self- Lubricating chain. Performing well in the application without additional lubrication. Oil impregnated sintered steel bushing provides self-lubricating and it is ideal for the industries that cleanliness is critical such as packaging, printing

  • NEO-SBR Chain

    Senqcia (Hitachi) NEO-SBR Prime Series Drill Rig Pull Down Chain meets all international standards and is designed for heavy duty applications.

  • SBR-CR Chain

    Senqcia (Hitachi) SBR-CR Corrosion Resistant series roller chain is a highly cost effective alternative to both stainless steel and nickel-plated roller chains traditionally used in medium to high corrosive applications.

  • SBR Prime Chain

    As the exclusive importer of the Senqcia (Hitachi) range of premium quality roller chain & Drives is very pleased to announce the arrival of the New SBR-Prime series Roller Chain.

Senqcia         Previously Hitachi