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IWIS Chain


  • Standard roller chains according to DIN 8187 from 04B up to 32B in simplex, duplex and triplex versions as well as IWIS standard
  • Double-pitch chains according to DIN 8181 from 208B up to 216B
  • Standard roller chains according to DIN 8188 (American standard) from 08A up to 16A
  • Conveyor chains
  • CR chains
  • Power and free conveyor chains
  • Nanochain for precision chain drives
  • Transfer chains
  • Grip chains
  • Side bow chains
  • Tube and can (pin oven) transport chains
  • Leaf chains
  • Pallet transporting chains
  • Plate chains
  • Automatic Tensioners
  • Extensive product program according to the
    ISO-Norms, DIN and ANSI
  • Assembly of program on modern production lines and use of high quality materials
  • All chains are pre-stretched: a guarantee for minimal initial elongation
  • Roller chains according to DIN 8187/ISO 606 from 04B up to 72B in simplex, duplex and triplex versions
  • Standard roller chains according to DIN 8188/ANSI B 29.1 (American Standard) from 03C up to 48A-3
  • Roller chains with diverse attachments and special attachment plates
  • Hollow pin chains



  • Applications

    Agricultural chains, Leaf chains, "Coated" corrosion protected roller chains according to American and European standard, “Everlast” low maintenance roller chains, Heavy-duty cranked-link transmissions chains according to DIN 8182 and ANSI 29.10.

  • Megalife

    MEGAlife maintenance free roller and conveyor chains can be applied in all areas where post installation lubrication is not (or only partly) possible. This is the case in clean and dry surroundings or in applications with difficult lubrication passage.

  • Power Bend

    IWIS power bend chains, for synthetic belt bend applications, offer the best solution for radial synthetic belt bend applications - with minimal radii. All chains are manufactured with IWIS© premium precision ANSI side-bow roller chains which have a unique tapered pin and chain link design.

  • Speciality Chain

    As technological leader in Europe, we develop and manufacture innovative precision chain systems which set high standards in quality and profitability. Our manifold product program high quality standard products through to high-precision quality chains for flexible and customized applications of any kind.

  • STS Super Heavy Duty

    Designed and manufactured to the highest strength durability standards for heavy duty applications.

  • Cast Steel Chain

    A characteristic feature of these cast steel chains is their simple yet robust cast steel design. They are especially suitable for applications that involve pulling or conveying heavy loads, for example in the timber or construction material industries, in pallet conveyor systems, or for moving barrels, bulk containers, gas bottles and cage pallets.

  • Elite HSP Chain

    Based on years of development, testing, and proven performance, the HSP chain combines a proven chain design with optimum material and metallurgica

  • Ag Chain

    Introducing the Ag Chain range from IWIS: ELITE Feederhouse & Elevator Chains and Drive Sprockets, ELITE Gathering Chains & ELITE Roller Chain Series HBC (Heavy Baler Chain).

  • Jwis Precision Chain

    Owing to their excellent wear resistance and uniformity, matchless precision and a significantly higher tensile and fatigue strength than the norm, JWIS roller chains enjoy an above-average service life. All iwis chains are prestretched and are provided with highly effective initial lubrication.