FM Series Heavy Duty Clutches

Chain & Drives supply the market leading FM Series Heavy Duty Clutches. Our range cover from 30HP to 5000HP. Our clutches are manufactured to your specifications the will fit all types of engine flywheels.

RM Clutches

The clutches are supplied with Universal Joints, Flexible Couplings and Centaflex Couplings from our local stock.

This is an example of our FM400 clutches fitted with Centaflex series 140 couplings rated for 400HP operation. This design provides smooth clutch operation with excellent speed and power transfer. The Centaflex coupling eliminates harmonic vibration and provides great misalignment capabilities. These clutches are installed by the Water Corporation in Western Australia.

They are also an economic alternative to conventional transfer gearboxes used in dredging application and pump drive assemblies.

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