• ArcusaFlex

    The ARCUSAFLEX coupling is a highly flexible flywheel coupling with an axial plug-in facility, providing a torsionally soft connection between an internal combustion engine and a driven machine.

  • Centa Couplings

    Chain & Drive stock Centaflex A, Centaflex E, Centaflex B, Centaflex H, Centamax G, Centamax S, Centaflex D, Centaflex K, Carbon, CX-V and ArcusaFlex.

  • Chain Coupling

    The chain coupling is composed of double-strand roller chain and two sprockets, featuring a simple and compact structure that offers a high flexibility and greater transmission capacity compared to similar sized coupling.

  • Cone Ring Couplings

    Cone Ring couplings transmit the load from one member to the other by means of a number of steel pins fitted with multiple, conical section flexirings.

  • Curved Tooth Gear Couplings

    Chain & Drives stock a range of pilot bore Curved Tooth Gear Couplings. The Curved Tooth Gear Coupling consists of 2 geared hubs and a curved tooth nylon sleeve.

  • Disc Coupling

    High power-to-weight ratio, no wearing parts, no lubrication required easy installation with “Drop Out” spacer, accommodates angular, parallel and axial misalignments, non stainless steel parts coated with a durable anti-corrosive coating...

  • Fluid Couplings

    Chain & Drives supply your fluid coupling requirements, including Brands such as Turbostart, Fluidomat and Transfluid.

  • Grid Couplings

    The GS Grid Coupling is a general purpose, lubricated grid coupling design that combines the economy and the high torque capacity of a gear coupling, combined with the torsional flexibility of an elastomer coupling.

  • GE Curved Jaw Couplings

    Chain & Drives supply GE curved jaw couplings which are fully interchangeable with other industry leading brands. High quality casting available in pilot bore and taper fit for fast finish bore option. Huge range of imperial and metric bush sizes available.

  • HRC Couplings

    This is a general purpose drive coupling for all industry sectors and can be supplied in pilot bore or taper bore locks. It can be used in rubber flexible drive elements.

  • Jaw Couplings

    Our Jaw Type couplings are designed to suit the largest variety of stock bore/keyway combinations. These couplings require no lubrication and provide highly reliable service for light, medium, and heavy duty electrical motor and internal combustion power transmission applications.

  • RM Rigid Couplings

    GB RM Rigid couplings are used to rigidly connect two shafts and are often used to facilitate ease-of-maintenance or simply to aid machine assembly. TaperFit bushes provide a secure fit on the driving and driven shafts, ensuring installation and removal is simple.

  • Seisa Gear Couplings

    Chain & Drives supply Seisa Gear Couplings. They are used in many mining and industrial applications.

  • Tyre Couplings

    GB tyre couplings have shock and vibration dampening characteristics creating significant load reduction on machinery and bearings helping reduce costs and prolonging life. When used in conjunction with a GB series spacer, a GB tyre coupling easily accommodates standard 100, 140 & 180mm spacers.