Centaflex B

The CENTAFLEX-B range of couplings fills a gap in the product range and provides economical flexible shaft couplings transmitting up to 1400 Nm torque.

It is designed to high technical standards and available in a wide range of types.

  • Compact, light, robust, safe in operation, long service life
  • Two identical hubs and one flexible element
  • Hubs of high tensile steel - unbreakable
  • Large permissible bores; various hub lengths
  • Driving dogs have smooth surface, high durability
  • Generously proportioned compression-stressed flexible inserts made of Elastollan® or Hytrel®
  • Dampens vibrations and shocks, compensates for axial, radial and angular misalignment
  • Standardised design principle allows numerous variations in design

centaflex b  


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