Cone Ring Couplings

Cone Ring couplings transmit the load from one member to the other by means of a number of steel pins fitted with multiple, conical section Flexirings.

Cone Ring Coupling

  • Simple uncomplicated construction
  • Requires no lubrication or maintenance
  • Reduce starting shock
  • Help absorb vibration and provide torsional flexibility
  • Operate in either direction
  • Coupling halves manufactured from high-grade cast-iron. They can be supplied in cast-steel on application. 
  • Each flexiring and pin assembly can be removed by withdrawing them through the bush half of the coupling for ease of replacement of the flexirings after long service.
  • Available in standard, Taperbush, and Rigid coupling models.

Selection Procedure

  1. From Table 1 Service Factors page 1-2 of GBC Couplings determine the Service Factor.
  2. Calculate the Design Power by multiplying the Absorbed Power of the driven machine by the Service Factor.
  3. Determine the size MC coupling required by matching the design power to a power rating that matches or exceeds the Design Power.
  4. Ensure the dimensions of the selected coupling fit your design requirements and shaft sizes can be accommodated.

* NOTE 1: MC Flanges accommodate larger shaft sizes than MCT Flanges.
* NOTE 2: By convention the pin half is mounted on the driven shaft.


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