HRC Couplings

Chain & Drives can supply your HRC coupling requirements.

  • Economy - Design of the HRC coupling has been optimised so that power capacities are balanced to the appropriate shaft diameters.
  • Resilience - Transient peak loads are reduced by a flexible element, deflection of which is a prime design consideration.
  • Misalignment - Incidental parallel angular and axial displacement of the connected shafts can be accommodated.
  • Installation - Is quick and easy without special tools, only a hexagon wrench is required.
  • Maintenance - Is virtually eliminated and no lubricant required.
  • Environment - The elastometric element makes it suitable for use in most conditions. An option of urethane element is also available.
  • Positive - In the unlikely event of the flexible element being destoryed, drive will be maintained by inner-action of the integrally cast driving dogs.

Taper Bushes

  • Fitted to the complete standard coupling range. Bored to size flanges are also available.

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