Rexnord Omega Couplings

Chain & Drives supply the full range of Rexnord Omega Elastomeric Couplings. 

Rexnord Omega Elastomeric Couplings are non-lubricated, material-flexing couplings, which are used in a variety of applications in many industries. They have excellent vibration dampening capability and high-misalignment capacity, providing extended life to connected equipment. This coupling offers easy installation and a wide range of shaft gaps.

Features & Benefits:

  • General purpose flexible coupling
  • 15 sizes available
  • Up to 11 inches (279 mm) bore capacity
  • Up to 340,200 in-lb (38,440 Nm) torque capacity
  • Up to 7,500 rpm
  • Mounting hole patterns allow for a wide range of shaft gaps
  • ATEX certified
  • Radial bolting
  • Interchangeable hubs

Chemical Resistance

Unlike the rubber Raptor coupling, Rexnord Omega is polyurethane which provides superior resistance against solvents, oils, sunlight, ozone and oxidation.

Weight Balance

Weight matching half elements is important for optimum coupling balance and equipment life. Rexnord Omega element halves up to size 30 are weight matched to within 0.9 gram. The measured variation of Raptor element halves in the same size range was up to 10 grams. 

Vibration Damping

Damping is critical to extending equipment life by protecting it from the damaging effects of vibrational, thermal and electrical energy. Rexnord Omega polyurethane flexible element is a superior damping material compared to the rubber-based Raptor coupling.

Tensile Strength

Rexnord Omega has 2X the tensile strength of the Raptor.


Rexnord Omega Close-Coupled Elastomeric Couplings

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