The SAMiGUARD is designed to overcome all these problems and also meet the increasing demands for safety and minimum downtime required by today’s process plants. Based upon a tapered pin (fuse), this overload system is a completely new concept in shear pin protection.

Features & Benefits:

  • Assembly and disassembly of the elastic insert without needing to displace the motor or machine. This advantage allows for inspection of the elastic insert at any time, simply by sliding back the retaining ring. Where necessary, it can be replaced for a new one in a few minutes.
  • The two hubs work independently each one sharing half the elastic insert. This concept allows free-wheeling of the motor, simply by sliding back the retaining ring and removing the elastic insert. This alternative is of great help, especially in applications with combustion engines, as they can be started up with no load.
  • For any wear and tear arising in the elastic insert, the hubs have no contact between them, which implies that this coupling has explosion proof properties. Furthermore, the elastic insert being polyurethane is fireproof.
  • The polyurethane elastic insert is a key element of this coupling. Its estimated lifetime is 25,000 operating hours in optimum working conditions.
  • The coupling, by design, allows for ease of alignment. After assembly, all final references can be easily checked, by simply sliding back the retaining ring and removing the elastic insert. The Samiflex coupling is an environment friendly product due to the absence of lubricants.


 Samiflex Coupling for Taper Bush

 Samiflex Spacer Coupling 

 Samiflex Coupling A & CS