Seisa Gear Couplings

Chain & Drives supply Seisa Gear Couplings. They are used in many mining and industrial applications.


Features and benefits of the Seisa GC Gear Coupling range include:

  1. Torque is fully transmitted even if misalignment of shaft center or vibration occurs.
  2. When misalignment or tilt of connected shafts occurs in operation, it will be automatically adjusted. As no extra load is applied to shaft and bearings, machine is well protected.
  3. It is a flexible coupling using crowning gear and has high wear resistance and toughness.
  4. As it is separated from center case, its assembly and removal are easy. Moreover, as it is compact and light, the mounting space can be minimised.
  5. Unlike other types of flexible coupling, misalignment of rotation angle between two shafts caused by deflection of coupling cannot happen. It is suitable for the joint of line-shaft, high-speed usage and heavy-load usage.

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