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Chain & Drives stock a full range of all types of industrial gearboxes, motors and variable speed drives ready for immediate delivery and even in breakdown situations.

We are drive specialists and have many years’ experience in all aspects of drive design and supply.

We offer on-site application analysis and design services.

Our range of gearboxes is divided into the following categories.


CDA Gearboxes


  • Comer Industries

    Supplying the full range of Comer Industries planetary drives. This product line is divided into modular planetary drives, wheel drives & slewing drives.

  • Elecon Power Transmission

    Supplying and servicing the full range of Elecon Power Transmission Industrial Gearboxes & accessories.

  • Elecon

    Supplying and servicing the full range of Elecon Industrial Gearboxes, Reducers, Motors & accessories.

  • Planetary

    Distributing the large range of Reggiana Riduttori gearboxes & accessories.

  • Stainless Steel Gearboxes

    Supplying a complete range of stainless steel gearboxes

  • Sumitomo

    Supplying a large range of Sumitomo gearboxes and motors.

  • Transtecno

    Distributor and build centre for the Transtecno AC range of gearboxes & power transmission products.

  • Transdrive Slew Drives

    Distributor and build centre for the TransDrive range of power transmission products.

  • Gearbox Manufacture

    Offering Premium DROP IN or 1:1 Replacement Gearboxes and Fluid Couplings. Our manufacturer will match all the critical dimensions of the existing Helical or Bevel Helical gearbox of any make like footprint,

We offer Gearbox & Coupling Servicing for all brands at our service centre in Wangara - Contact us to enquire about your servicing requirements.