AC Gearboxes & Motors

 Transtecno Electric Motors

AC Gearboxes & Motors

Chain & Drives are the distributor & the build centre for the Transtecno AC range of gearboxes and power transmission products.

Complementing and utilising our range of AC Motors and Drives, Chain & Drives AC Gearbox drive assemblies are a great choice for all you drive requirements.

  • Our Transtecno AC gearbox range are supplied in Bevel Helical, Worm Drive, Planetary, Inline Helical, Helical Worm and Cycloidal.
  • Available from fractional watt up to 250KW we supply drives in all configurations to suit your specifications.
  • Our design team can supply 3D concept and construction drawings for all drive assemblies.
  • Our service team offer installation, commissioning, maintenance and on site services.
  • We offer the complete turnkey solution for all your drive requirements.

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These tools can be used to select a suitable gearbox and motor for your application. We can also provide drawings, 3D models and specifications for each drive selection from this link:-

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