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Specialised Products

Chain & Drives supply a large range of Specialised Products to suit a variety of requirements. 

Contact Us today to find out how we can help you with your requirements.


  • Chain Breakers & Pullers

    Chain & Drives Chain Breakers offer an easy and convenient way of breaking riveted roller chain links. Suitable for both British Standard and ASA chain.

  • Custom Builds & Special Projects

    Chain & Drives offer complete power transmission products and services.

  • Digital Vernier Caliper

    New Digital Vernier Caliper now available for purchase. Digital Vernier Calipers are perfect for any trade professional.

  • Key Steel

    Chain & Drives stocks a large range of quality Key Steel products. Our Key Steel is supplied in standard or nickel plated.

  • OEM Equipment Parts Manufacture

    Chain & Drives supply many OEMs across Australia in many industry sectors needing power transmission products.

  • Power Transmission

    Chain & Drives supply general power transmission products to suit your individual requirements.

  • Shaft Repair Sleeves

    Chain & Drives is proud to announce that we now supply the Rapid range of Shaft Repair Sleeves.

  • Roll-Ring Tensioners

    Roll-Ring Chain Tensioners to suit both BS and ANSI Chains, ROLL-RING Chain Tensioners can be applied in a wide variety of fields of mechanical engineering and are very easy to install.

  • Snapidle Chain Tensioners

    Snapidle chain tensioners provide minimal wear to the chain drive as the chain rides on the side plates.

  • Torque Limiters

    Chain and Drives Torque Limiter has been designed to protect drive systems from unnecessary overload. When too much torque is transmitted through a drive, the Torque Limiter automatically slips on its shaft when a predetermined torque level is reached.