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Being the first company ever to produce cable chain made of Nylon. Brevetti Stendalto has become a pioneer in the industry, making a name for itself producing top-quality products. Fifty years on and the cable chains with the yellow pin is still known and imitated all over the world.  Brevetti Stendalto’s cable chains are designed to meet any requirement for dynamic protection of cable and hoses. The chains are able to withstand the most heavy-duty applications.

Nylon Cable ChainNylon Cable Chain

Brevetti Stendalto’s Nylon cable chain is designed to meet any requirement for dynamic protection of cable management. The Nylon material can withstand many environmental conditions and most heavy-duty applications, but is extremely versatile with a non-conclusive list of positioning applications including horizontal and vertical strokes and can travel long distances beyond 400m. 

Steel Cable ChainSteel Cable Chains

Brevetti Stendalto’s new Steel Series is the best choice for applications with heavy added loads and very harsh work conditions. Steel chains are available in zinc-plated or stainless steel, equipped with aluminium drawplates, steel rods or aluminium machined crosspieces. Typical applications are giant machine tools, foundries and steel plants, high-temperature machines, oil and gas.

Total ChainTotal Chain

Total chain by Brevetti Stendalto is a cable system integrator where a plug and play system is pre-assembled with cables and connectors and delivered on-site ready to be installed as an all-in-one drag chain and harnessing system used for industrial automation. 

Cable Chains for Robotics

Multiflex Multiflex

Multiflex chain by Brevetti Stendalto has been engineered for multi-dimensional movements with special focus on robot applications. The chain is completely closed but easy to open and easy to wire thanks to the covers that can be simply removed by means of a screwdriver. Every part of the chain can be internally inspected opening the covers at any point. The Multiflex chain has the option to be easily shortened or extended.

Robot Series Robot Series

Brevetti Stendalto’s Robot Series is specifically designed for rotary motion. This revolutionary concept was launched by Brevetti more than 40 years ago, and is still just as popular today. The Chain links are robust and stable, in order to guarantee good performance even at high speed. Typical applications are automated machines, welding and handling robots.

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