Frequency Convertor EFC 5610

Bosch Rexroth EFC 5610

EFC5610 is a universal, economical frequency converter for reliable speed control and demand-oriented energy supply. V/f control, SVC and FOC control, easy installation and commissioning as well as an increased power range enable a wide range of applications.


  • Power range 1 x AC 230 V 0.4 kW to 3 x AC 400 V 90.0 kW
  • Use with permanent magnet motors
  • Integrated brake chopper and mains filter
  • Expandability through I/O and field bus modules
  • Operation of asynchronous and synchronous motors
  • Use in HD (heavy duty) and ND (normal duty) mode
  • Integrated operating panel for simple, fast commissioning
  • Protection type IP20

Technical Information

  • Synchronous motor control(EFC5610), which improves accuracy and reduces energy consumption.
  • Built-in EMC C3 mains filter to reduce EMI.
  • Designed for up to 45 °C ambient temperature without derating.
  • STO function reaching SIL3 level is realized in standard EFC 5610.
  • Built-in DC reactor for EFC5610 30 kW and above.
  • In addition to PROFIBUS DP and CANopen like VFC, EFC also supports ERCOS III, PROFINET IO, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Ether-CAT. And the speed of its unique SERCOS III could reach microsecond.





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