IndraDrive - Electric drive technology for powers in the megawatt range.

The new IndraDrive ML units extend the IndraDrive family to include the higher output range, by which individual units are capable of generating up to 500 kW. Up to 8 units can be connected in parallel to reach outputs as high as 4 MW. These space-saving, modular inverters are therefore somewhat of an all-rounder and can be used as mains or motor inverters to minimize the number of variants, simplify handing and reduce storage costs.


IndraDrive Mi is a modular, cabinet-free drive system consisting of motor-integrated and near-motor servo-drives as well as corresponding components for the common supply of power to the drives. It allows all electrical drive components to be integrated directly into the machine. Up to 30 IndraDrive Mi drives can be operated in a single drive string up to 200 m long.

IndraDrive Mi enables machine manufacturers to integrate all electrical drive components directly into the machine. The results are entirely cabinet free, modular machines with a minimized required space.



  • Only one single hybrid cable needed.
  • Amount of drives depends on configuration. 
  • Multi-Ethernet: Sercos, EtherNet/IP, Profinet IO, EtherCAT.
  • Connection of decentralized peripherals. 
  • Integrated motion logic. 
  • Energy saving of up to 50%.
  • Can be combined with all members of the IndraDrive family.



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