Transtecno VSD & Drives

Over the years Transtecno Group has built its solutions for the mechanical and small automation industry including: gearboxes, electric motors and most commonly variable speed drives.

The newest addition, inverter TT100 gives clients a complete solution using one device. The TT100, rated output power from 0.20 to 15 kW, single phase 230Vac and three phase 400Vac covers the majority of market needs.

TT100 inverter


  • Full torque at 1.5Hz
  • Torque can reach 150% of rated torque
  • Auto torque promotion and auto slip compensation allows larger output torque at low frequency
  • User-defined curve, V/F curve can be adjusted
  • Lower-noise, carrier-wave frequency can be adjusted from 2KHz to 10KHz
  • Control protection is immediate and reliable, which improves system stability
  • Built-in filter is optional
  • Compatible with NPN and PNP types
  • Advanced V/Hz control technology ensures precise control and better performances.
  • Output frequency is 0.50~650.0Hz (V/F), 0.50~200.0Hz (SVC). The highest resolution is 0.01Hz
  • We supply larger Delta Series Variable Speed Drives up to 250KW.
  • We also offer control cabinet and PLC design and manufacture
  • Soft starters up to 250KW are available

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